Ännu en dag

Idag är det fredag.
Äntligen fredag!

Jag är osams med halva min arbetsplats.
Jag är tydligen för ärlig och arbetssam.
Sen när blev det fel?
Tur jag har min grupp som backar upp mig :)

Today is Friday. Finally Friday! I am at loggerheads with half my workplace . Apparently, I’m too honest and laborious . Since when was it wrong ? Luckily I have my team to back me up :)

Think of old geology
it is but a theory
what about reality
nobody was there to see
so lets go back in time

60 million years ago
another race, superior to our
foresaw the catastrophy
fled to space and fled the tragedy
now they’re here again with a simple claim
Alien attack
they want their planet back
No matter what we say
extermination is their way
we will never stand a chance
to them we are no more than ants
but I want to say, we’ll fight them anyway
Alien attack
they want their planet back