Våra tecken.

Jag hittade lite roliga inlägg om våra stjärntecken idag. :)

Jag är skytt:

ready to disappear in any moment
they have watched every. movie. on netflix
using my emotions? caring about yours? nah, tomorrow… maybe
34 hour-long naps
they fuck up 10 moments and make a very epic one
they have a hard time when apologizing
they have a hard time when asking for help, they believe they can do anything
would yell at strangers if needed
intentionally do things and then say they weren’t planned but went well anyway
they tend to be sad before sleeping
this is probably not a good idea but i’ll do it anyway
very competitive, but never satisfied

Moa är kräfta:

they look like love me but actually they’re like i fuck with you or you fuck with me
they don’t know how to handle their feelings, so they don’t
they can be too selfish
unpredictable af
leave me alone, but give me attention
their cellphone is part of their body
their true friends knows their family (even if they have never seen them) because of all the stories they tell, all the time
they victimize themselves a lot
they know how to listen and they give the best advice ever but they don’t use it
that kind of people who their first impulse when doing eye contact with someone is smiling
they care a lot about what other people think
they plat a lot with their hands and lips
the most adorable people when they’re not angry
children loves them
they can tranquilize people quickly
misunderstood because they don’t let anyone understand them

Max är stenbock:

superiority complex
more party souls than you could imagine
they just want you to shut the fuck up
they’re cute until you’re obstrusive
able to intimidate people for good or for bad
they recognize their mistakes and then apologize without making a lot of drama
they keep their cool in the craziest situations
have random acts of love, like biting, cuddling, etc…
can make you feel important one minute and shit in the next minute
always have backup plans
physical appearance is important
always have weird obsessions
they play a lot with their feet
they need hugs and you to show them love, but will never say it

Peppe är tvilling:


emotional mess (they feel nothing in the right way)
they know a lot of useful shit
but they don’t know what sleep means
being bored is the worst thing that can happen to them (they get too mean, like little children)
narcissistic af
they’re never wrong
they express their feelings in thousands of different ways, however none of them seem to work
incomprehensible love for snacks
they cover their feelings with humor/indifference 87% of the time
they can make anyone laugh, no kidding
they lie to themselves
sensitive af, if you spend a lot of time with them you’ll see they’re such babies
very insecure
random happiness/sadness attacks
their brain is an exhaused roller coaster
innocent without wanting to be
they seem to fit everywhere but nowhere at the same time